"Curve Master 5/8" Presser Foot (for sewing curved pieces)

"Curve Master 5/8" Presser Foot (for sewing curved pieces)

Code: CM-58



Product Description

  • Specialized presser foot makes sewing curves almost as easy as sewing a straight seam
  • Designed to guide fabric for curved piecing, allowing automatic easing of curved seams.
  • No measuring, marking, pinning, or clipping of center points on curved seams
  • No time-consuming easing and pinning required.
  • Fabric is eased together and ends are lined up perfectly.
  • Product easily attaches to sewing machine like any other presser foot: just place under shank and snap into place!

  • Quilters: How many times have you felt challenged in executing curved seams for quilt patterns with curves? Many quilt patterns—Apple Core, Drunkard’s Path, Double Wedding Ring, Grandmother’s Fan, Dresden Plate, Shamrock, and many variations—are based entirely or in part on curved piecing. Trust your Curve Master--a must for all curved piecing!