All Circle Template Set (2" - 9" Even)

All Circle Template Set (2" - 9" Even)

Code: CCS-179E



Product Description

  • 8 piece set
  • 2"-9"
  • Features Martelli no-slip material.
  • Gives you perfect circles every time.

  • Our Templates & Fussy Cuts are made to make your cutting easier and more accurate. The no-slip material creates a vacuum seal and locks up to 32 layers of fabric in place. Most people feel comfortable cutting 8-12 layers without sacrificing the accuracy. If you don’t cut straight, you’re never going to sew straight and you won’t have a perfect quilt. Because the material locks your fabric in place, you just need to lay the template on your fabric and turn to make your cuts. No more measure-cut, measure-cut, measure-cut, etc. The templates, like our rulers, are cut on a laser machine, so we know they were made with 100% accuracy. We’ve got tons of different shapes and sizes, so be sure to check them out.