Kwik-Spin Thread Dispenser, Small

Kwik-Spin Thread Dispenser, Small

Code: KS-94



Product Description

  • Thread comes off the spool the same way that it was loaded, from the side—not pulled off over and around the top, at an odd angle—eliminating unwanted twisting.
  • Base is mounted independently on the adjustable-balance frame to eliminate sources of friction and ensure minimal drag.
  • Base houses stainless steel ball bearings and supports the spool, distributing weight evenly.
  • The ball bearings work at the same speed as the feed so dispensing will be even and constant.
  • Works for any weight or style of specialty thread—even hard to manage metallic threads—with no twisting or breakage.
  • Clear thread cover keeps away dust and lint.
  • Dimensions- 15" x 8' x 8"

  • We all know the problem . . . twisting, tension, and breakage from conventional, built-in thread dispensers. Our dispenser eliminates these problems, and holds thread for easy, care-free dispensing. It is adaptable to sewing, quilting, embroidery, upholstery, home décor, or commercial uses.